Geysers el Tatio

Geysers el Tatio

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4am start for this one.

Took it with a different company, the other one was fully booked.

“The road is longgggg, with many a winding turn…”

Bumpy and long.

The woman next to me is sick and has to rush to the door which I hold open whilst she is sick and sits back down next to me.

This has the effect of encouraging my own sick thoughts which are suppressed.

Fall asleep.

Bumpieness has gone and we are almost there.

This tour stops for photo opportunities and I have to open and close the door for people who don’t have the strength to work the handle.
Which is most of them.

I let them peer in the window a few seconds before I let them in..

We’re here.

Geysers el Tatio

geysers-el-tatio cold
Geyser People

Industrial Geyser

Steam off the Geyser

An exciting place to be at 4 o’clock in the morning.

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