Here are some highlights.

Here are some highlights.

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AMERICA – This is what i travelled around in. It’s a mustang convertable 4.9 V6. It went like stink up to 110 then cut out.
Shame that.

TIKAL RUINS – This fuck off terantula decides it likes the look of the guides shoes and closes in for a closer look.

pele's footprint
BRAZIL – Pele’s footprint – Mighty smelly

I’ve entered a couple for the wanderlust competition in the hope I might win some free flights or a camera.

You can find the competition on their wbsite, its’ open to all, if you have some old travel photos that might win a prize.

Old Skool
One of my old skool friends won last year, not that i’ve knobbled the judges or anything.

Don’t enter my photo’s or I’ll sue you for copyright.


5 thoughts on “Here are some highlights.

  1. ahha…i’ve found you, well sort of!!

    cross-reference this to the email i just sent you and it may make some sort of sense 😉

    tyke, international man-of-mystery, seasoned world traveller, recording artist (the world just wasn’t ready for gruber going hands-down), talented dj and a damned good friend…is there no end to your talents?

    good to see you’re still alive…cos i was getting a bit concerned…at least now i know why you’ve not been answering your mobile!!

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