Hong Kong Spring Elecronics Fair

Hong Kong Spring Elecronics Fair

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So noticed this going on and went to have a look.

Hong Kong Electronics fare 2013
Hong Kong Electronics fare 2013

It was located in the Wan Chai exhibition center. A seven story building looking across the bay of the Hong Kong harbor. Having had a look around, I had a word with the entrance organiser and managed to get this ‘Press’ pass, (on account of my sizable blog).

The fair was the largest in Asia, attracting thousands of exhibitors.
I spent a number of hours just walking round.

Lots to see and lots to do. Most of it was aimed at the retailer, although there were sections more for manufacturing or OEM operations. When asked, I told people I was from CNET, and was looking to check out the best new gadgets and appliances from the Hong Kong region.

This was an ideal blag and won me many Chinese friends!

Bluejoy Shenzen

Got some bluetooth headphones from a company in Shenzen. The girl, Alice showed them to me and they worked nicely and looked good. I’ve never been a fan of wires dangling all over the place and these seemed the ideal solution.

I’ll tell you how they work out and if they were worth the money.

Bluejoy Headphones China
Bluejoy Headphones China
Bluejoy Headphones China
Made in China?

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