Hotel Crystal

Hotel Crystal

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2 Blocks off Leidseplein, pronounced Light-spline.

The Damm has 2 main blocks, Damm square and this one Leidsplein which is home to the Boom Boom theatre, Chicago Rocks Hard rock café Casino etc. All the things you might expect, flashing lights, bars, people enjoying themselves in the bars and clubs.

I guess the cafés were closed last night. I only saw one guy sitting outside smoking, perhaps all the stoners go home early.

Hotel Crystal
The place where I am staying. Woke up late and missed breakfast. Girl got me a bowl of corn flakes.
The hotel cost €40 per night.
It’s clean, quite and functional.

Last time I was camping out. It was freezing. I had no money.
I started working at a tulip factory until I lost my passport in Hoorne.

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