Improving World Of Warcraft Disconnect (WOW DC) problems

Improving World Of Warcraft Disconnect (WOW DC) problems

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Fatweh in Dalaran

For many people Disconnect is a major problem in Warcraft. DC interrupts at random, and often crucial moments of play.
‘Oh I DC’ed’ being is a common, lame, excuse for players who die in inexcusable circumstances.

Don’t be a lamer!
Up until 2008 I used Norton Antivirus. A product I had used since my first computer in 1997. A ten year stint which came to an abrupt end following the 2008 suite.

To reduce in-game DC in Warcraft
I suggest removing your Norton product and replacing it with a comprehensive, industry respected firewall product. This will reduce your levels of DC by ensuring your ports are accessed by services only sanctioned by yourself.

Unwanted Access
Here’s a list of the programs that instantly jumped to access my connection when I installed the latest version of Warcraft WoTLK (10/12/2008).


I used the IP addresses supplied by the software to reverse trace the following companies:-

-Netherlands Amsterdam Versatel Nederland B.v
-Slovenia Ljubljana T-2 Access Network
-NTLI Network Management Centre
-Sweden Kungsbacka Telia Network Services
-eircom Group plc
-United Kingdom London Bt-central-plus
-Denmark Roskilde Cybercity A/s Xdsl Users
-Denmark Kolding Tdc Bredbaand Professional Users

These are large national telecommunications companies, contributing an additional 8 connections through MY broadband wire.
Placing that additional strain on my games’ connection won’t be contributing to play in a positive way, and it’s not something I’ve asked for..

I rarely suffer from DC
I’m glad my software blocked these access attempts.

I rarely suffer from DC and would point you in the direction of Zone Alarm, the best gaming firewall at an affordable price.


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