Leaving of Wolverhampton

Leaving of Wolverhampton

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Only temporarily unfortunately.

I have decided it is time to visit the great ancient civilisation of the south Americas.

I have never been before so it will be the first time for me south of the old border.

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I will be adding pictures and videos along the way. You can write incredoulous comments if you want, (i know who you are), or not bother if it bores you.

Lonely Planet
Have bought Lonely Planet – Peru. Seems a little overpriced @ £13, perhaps its all that extra stitching the ‘Planners insist on adding.

Still, they make good reading material on the plane, and i have been swotting up already.

I believe some of the country is in rainy season.
Peru is a true ‘country of contrasts’, on one hand you have desert and on the other you have jungle depending on which way you are facing.

More later.

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