License Fee Riots

License Fee Riots

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Why do we brits pay this scandalous and should be illegal tax.

If the license fee were introduced tomorrow by the labour government;

1) You (the electorate) Have To pay for channels on your Television (by law).

2) Once you’ve paid your money, we take it off you, (cash, cheque or direct debit), the money goes to one of the worlds biggest corporations. Ok?

3) You have no say, no buy or leave, no choice.

No value if you, like me, never watch the BBC.

Where are our civil rights?

With the advent of Hard Drive recording spelling the effective end of the five minute AD break, we have ALL channels on a level playing field, except for one.

If the independents are doing it better, our government should remove this tax, harking back to bygone technologies and trading conditions ,and introduce something which reflects the environment in which our broadcasting and media companies have to operate today.

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