Longdown Road

Longdown Road

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I’ve decided to come down this way, as last year I went up through the Watford Gap, past the UK’s oldest motorway service station down to Crick.

The mobile signal ain’t that great down there and there’s the constant moan of the motorway when the wind is blowing in the right direction.

Longdown Bridge

In the name of change and a new exciting experience, I’m heading up to Rugby, as far as Hillmorden Locks to see how the land, or more the canal lies down in this direction.

North to Rugby


Along the towpath, Olney Prison and young offenders unit is about 1 mile north, close to the new marina Hillmorton Pools…

I rang them the other day. They’re designed by the same group that run the Eden Project in Devon, or so it says on their website.

Kept on getting hit in the face by brambles as I went on my night walk.

I won’t be going up there again.

Winter Moorings

I’ve been doing some searching around for winter moorings that will accept liveaboards and they’re in short supply. Especially over the winter.

Apparently, this winter is going to be especially cold, which I can well believe. The summer was crap and some parts of the network have already experienced their first frost.

Kennet and Avon

This picture was taken down on the Kennet. On the 8th September.

Having to live the whole winter out on the cut is a bit of a ball-ache, and there are times that I could no doubt do without it.

For this reason, I’ll be on the look out to pick up some winter moorings, electrical hook-up and good mobile signal essential, during the course of the next couple of months.

Not sure about the success of this project, but we can but try.

2 thoughts on “Longdown Road

  1. It would be great to get a winter mooring with electric hook up as you would be warm using a small electric radiator for December Jan and Feb.

  2. TBH winter is my favourite time on the cut, the trees have lost their leaves, the views of the surrounded countryside have opened up providing new vistas.
    No hire boats or weekend warriors to contend with just clear frosty mornings, mug of coffee in hand and off we go, looking forward to the stew that’s cooking on the burner as travel. Blessed we are with the lifestyle that we have chosen

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