Nearly Deddington

Nearly Deddington

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Yes indeed. This was the scene just outside Deddington when I went on my cycle ride yesterday.

A trailer loaded with bails had toppled over and crushed the motorist inside.

An ambulance was in attendance when I arrived and the road had been closed to all traffic.

It didn’t look too serious, but the motorist had obviously received some injuries looking at the state of the vehicle and the emergency. So, serious but not that serious.

Had it have been a cheaper vehicle than the BMW in certain it would have been a lot more so.

Car crushed by hay bales - Deddington A4260
Car crushed by hay bales – Deddington A4260

Adjourn to pub

Took this as a sign from god to adjourn to the pub where a group of motorists travelling on the A4260 had had the same idea.

Another ambulance and a police car arrived while I was having my Amstel in the beer garden of the Red Lion in the sunshine.

The police got a round of applause when they arrived, they must have felt proud.

During the course of the day I cycled around some of the villages in the Cherwell Valley. It sure was hot! and I had to stop off and get some water, not that I didn’t have some on the bike, but I discovered this ancient water fountain with an inscription over the top, like something out of a fighting fantasy book!

North Aston water fountain
As the birds drink and so lift up their head, so must man sip and think of better drink he may attain to after he is dead.

I’m not sure about the health and safety implications etc. but drink I did, being a bit of a risk taker and all that.

I left feeling refreshed…..

Fountain B

Look, here’s another one of those fountains!

This time, it’s in a bog. They call it the ‘bog spring’.

Bog Spring
Bog Spring water – Plenty to go around!

Unlike the other fountain, this one didn’t quite have the same appeal…

Maybe there’s braver souls out there that don’t mind getting up close and personal with the bog spring. Personally, I thought better of it. Looks a bit feral for me. Maybe it’s just meant for the sheep, difficult to tell.

Anyway, I left it and continued on my journeys.

Up in the hills

This is the first time I’ve seen this, I don’t know if you can make it out from this photo, but this is an organic honey farm!

Swalcliffe Lea
Growing heather for the Bees – Swalcliffe Lea – Oxfordshire

On the hedgerow on the right, you can see the hives lined up.

The blue flowers are there specifically for the bees to pollinate. The corn in the foreground just looks good. I guess that was pollinated by Monsanto in the lab.

Down in the valleys

I had to move the boat down.

Away from Spiceballs park, down the Cherwell valley to somewhere called Twyford Wharf.

This is what it looks like at sunset.

Twyford wharf at Sunset
Twyford wharf at Sunset

It’s an order of magnitude better here than in the park.

Every day there seemed like 2.

Here, it seems like I just arrived.

I’ve got to move again in 2 days!

It’s much more peaceful, like the canal should be.

The beautiful Bonnie Lady
Bonnie Lady - Narrowboat
Bonnie in the locks – Banbury

That’s enough about me and my love vessel.

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Nearly Deddington

  1. Bonnie is looking bonny indeed. Life on the cut in the heat is definitely better than being house bound. Your cycle ride sounds eventful. I love the field of lavender for the honey bees….a beautiful picture. x

  2. I don’t envy you your cycling at all! The very thought of it makes me start puffing and panting
    Some nice shots again !

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