New day out – Barton Marina to Shobnall Marina

New day out – Barton Marina to Shobnall Marina

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Not done this trip before.

It takes you a little way out of Burton on Trent to Barton Marina, and back again.

About 7km in all and about an hour and 1/2 trip all in, with 1 person driving and the other doing the locks.

Met a few boats on the way. One woman told me about the front doors on her barge had been sealed shut because boaters kept approaching the fully open locks, when locking up and letting the flowing water flow in though the cabin.

It was a hire boat.

I said that that didn’t sound terribly safe for kids.

As and adult, I usually use the gunnels anyhow, but I guess it does spoil your sense of relaxation about the whole trip finding certain doors are welded shut.

You go through a lot of quarries on the way.

Snowed a bit.

Typical British weather.

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