Duck removal

Duck removal

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The background to this story is that this duck just wanders into my mom’s back garden every year to lay her eggs.

She’s not near the canal, it’s not near any water, but a female duck has decided to make my mums’ garden the home of it’s off-spring.

Last year, my mom had to carry the chicks down from the garden because they couldn’t find their way down to the canal.

Local celeb

This duck is now a local celebrity, and there are many people checking up on it’s progress.

I can’t say I’m sorry. It’s just part of nature.

Ducks can have up to three broods a year.

This one didn’t make it,

Read on….

Bad eggs

Bad duck eggs
Bad duck eggs

If they stop developing, they die.

Obviously, the duck was unaware, either through experience or instinct.

The poor duck has been sat on the eggs for the past 6 weeks.

When I went out today, I could see they were all broken and rotting, so I took them out and threw them in the bin.











No future

Abandoned duck nest
Abandoned duck nest

Hopefully, I’ve left the nest intact enough that the duck feels like coming back and laying some more.

I know that rotting eggs are a bad thing to have around, so I though this the best course of action.

Watch this space for more Doris the duck news.



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