Now in Hong Kong

Now in Hong Kong

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After 15 hour flight from London Heathrow I’m now back in Hong Kong.

The flight NZ 38 from London Heathrow to Hong Kong

Direct. They’ve put restrictions on the hand luggage for Air NewZealand flights. Which made my hand luggage 12kg or 4kg overweight. I had to move the books and stuff out of my hand-luggage and into checked, which was a slight hold-up, not much problem.Heathrow was mostly dead. Traffic was quite getting down there. Went for a meal in Windsor rather than getting straight off. Went to Browns down by the river, which decided to close as we were going in. Then went for Bella Pizza on the main road. Quick meal with dad, then loaded stuff.

Cracked the screen on my Ipod 3g, just from having it in my pocket. Bit of a bummer. My have to fix that later in Shanghai, I hear it’s pretty easy.

Arrived in Hong Kong. Took the airport shuttle into town. $110 HKD. Then got out at Central Station. Caught the tram from here on down, that was another $2.30, much cheaper and better fun. Even with lots of luggage.


Checked in at the hostel $380 hkd. Went out for some food: $45 Hoegarden, $68 San Miguel, $55 Garlic Bread. $168 hkd. Did a bit of shopping at the supermarket; sushi and beer $78 hkd.

Totting that up, in the 12 or so hours I’ve been here, I’ve spent $740hkd, or £62. Not as bad as I thought actually. Maybe I need to go out more.

My visa documents should be arriving soon.

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