On the Thames again

On the Thames again

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This time, heading into London to pick up my post….

It started raining at around Marlow.

All my gear is wet, so I’m drying it out on the fire, as well as cooking my dinner….

Taking a narrowboat on the Thames

I wrote a guide about this last year.

It’s true, moorings are easier to find further down.

Currently I’m in Windsor. I can see the castle from my window as I eat my dinner and drink my Guinness.

Here’s some pictures from the journey along.

Aldermaston Wharf - West Berkshire
Aldermaston Wharf – West Berkshire

Thames/Kennet confluence
Thames/Kennet confluence
All Saints Church - Bisham
All Saints Church – Bisham
National Trust - Cliveden
National Trust – Cliveden

2 thoughts on “On the Thames again

  1. How lovely….weather for you there tomorrow is better not much rain. Enjoy the trip it will be nice to have you a bit closer.

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