Day 56 – Newquay to Lands End

Day 56 – Newquay to Lands End

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Last day.

It’s taken 56 days to make the whole journey; from John O’Groats to Lands End.

I’ll do a summary of some stats in the next post, but here’s to final day – Newquay to Lands End.

Started off misty.

This was taken cycling out of Newquay.

Much less wind

Made it a much more pleasant journey.

My pedal had also ceased, which was putting some considerable drag on me which I hadn’t realised.

I got this fixed by an RAC man sitting on the A30 just outside Newquay.

A little WD40 and a lot of oil.

The Newquay to Lands End stretch was a lot more pleasant.

Here’s some photographic mementos from the journey.

Old tin mine – Redruth

Carnhell Green

Drove through this village, Carnhell in Cornwall.

Every house had a sign outside telling me how evil and ruthless Mole Valley farmers were, similar to that pictured above.

Turns out Mole Valley are trying to open a ‘yard’ in the village to distribute their wares in the area.

One resident says she “won’t be able to let the children play in the road on their bicycles if the plans go ahead“.

Serious business…..

This is a picture taken in somewhere called Hayle, near to St. Ives. A view over to Carbis Bay.


This is St. Michael’s mount – Marazion.

Land’s End…

Sunset at Land’s End

As the day wore on, the weather got a lot better.

By the evening. It had improved.

First and the last Inn – Sennen

After finishing I dropped in to the First and the Last Inn.

It has a different sign, depending on which direction you are approaching.

The Last Inn
The Last Inn
The First Inn
The First Inn

Pretty cosy inside, it’s got a smugglers hole where wreckers used to bring booty into the cove for distribution through a criminal network consisting of the pubs landlord and the local pasture.


Had some food, as I was extra hungry, a sirloin steak.


The newest things in all these gasto-pubs is ‘sides’.

Now when you order a ‘meal’, it’s simply a ‘main’.

In order to complement it, you then have to order all the ‘sides’ for example

  • 10oz Silion – £16
  • Fries – £3
  • Peppercorn sauce – £2
  • Onion rings – £3

Taking the cost of the main course from £16 up to £21.

It’s not the first pub that’s done this. The Cornish Arms in Tavistock also had a similar order regime.

I’d suggest you’re going to see this more and more, as restaurants and pubs try and squeeze those additional pounds out of punters wallets.


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  1. Congratulations….an Land’s ending…..what a journey…how’s the knee? The photos are lovely..well done xx

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