Places to Eat and Drink in Christchurch

Places to Eat and Drink in Christchurch

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Amongst others, I have visited these establishments.

Tap Room.

Tap RoomTap Room, Christchurch

On the corner. Ducks sometimes invade the porch area and sneak around the plants hiding from the waiters who shoo them out.
Very entertaining.

Serve heated rock platter, as you can see featured on the photo. The platter is heated to a couple of hundred degrees and brought to your table with some raw ingredients, salts and spices.

It’s up to you to cook it up.

A bit more classy and slightly more low key than the other pubs on Oxford Terrace.

The Bog

The BogThe Bog, Christchurch
Pop your head in at the end of the night.

Good place for a pint.

Weblinks: The Tap Room
Weblinks: The Bog

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