Rio Gallegos

Rio Gallegos

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After one night in Rio Gallegos I make attempts for exit toward final destination Ushuaia.

Ushuaia is south.

We have to cross the river +600km extra by bus.

Not having a guide book for Argentina, I haven’t researched or memorized such travel detail (like every good traveller should).

I looked for busses to Ushuaia at the bus station last night when we got off the bus.

Travel Agency
After consulting in a. Am instructed to revisit the bus station.

The bus to Ushuaia, after searching around and eventually having to ask, is located in one of the outbuilding toward the side of the station.

Burley men provide front desk duties, which speeds things up a little with their one-sentence, enquiry-reply method of communication.
The next bus is tommorrow, 10am sharp.

I have to wait one more day in Rio Gallegos if I want to catch this bus which I think is wise.

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