San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama

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San Pedro de Atacama.

Backpacker/Gringo central, essential stopover for your gringo traveller.

San Pedro History
San Pedro is the oldest outpost on the Atacama and used to be an administrative centre for the region. Now most it seems entirely devoted to relieving tourists of their dollars.
Not to put it down, San Pedro is an expensive, if enjoyable place to spend a few days and there’s plenty to do.

San Pedro Tours
Tour shops litter San Pedro, tours on offer include:

Valle de la Luna – Golden valley of sand called Valle de Luna for its resemblance to Luna land-mass.

Lagunas Altiplanas – This seems more like it, a few lakes mountain vista backdrops. Green and lush.

Geysers el Tatio – Spurting geysers organic mud bath plus a 4am start.

There are hundreds of tours on offer including moon boarding, 6 day mountain trips into Bolivia, visits to active volcanoes, horse riders (no motorcycle hire).

Your itinery depends entirely on how long you have in San Pedro and how much you want to spend.

The tours I have included seem to be the most popular round town.

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