Skipping games

Skipping games

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Had a little break from my lessons and sat outside by the stadium area.

This is where all the students and teachers alike go and enjoy their morning sun.

There were many girls skipping. So I decided to make this video of them skipping their rope.

As you can notice, they are very nervous and shy.

Many Chinese schoolgirls are like this.

I also took this picture of the school from a further distance.

Taizhou bi-lingual school
Taizhou bi-lingual school – view from 3rd floor

10th Graders

Today I’ve started teaching the 10th graders. These are children from 16-17.

Have to bring a computer in to get the OHP’s to show up which has meant trying to revive my taobao account. Taobao stocks all the little nicnacks that make life work.

So far, I have been borrowing the other teachers computers. Which is very nice and they don’t mind this because I am foreign.

AT200 tablet

Toshiba Excite At 200
Toshiba AT200

My AT200 I bought specifically for this purpose, to bring into school without having the risks associated with possibly destroying your entire life through somehow damaging or breaking your computer.

Plus a computer is very heavy and cumbersome. And mine doesn’t have a VGA anyway, so I’m still going to need new kit, hence the taobao.

The AT200 is the slimmest and lightest tablet available.

It only cost me £100 on taobao.

I think it’s £300 in the UK.

I don’t know how they pulled that one off.

Still…. ask no questions….

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