St. Tropez – Boat trip

St. Tropez – Boat trip

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Took a little time to write up some blogs whilst waiting for the bus, Croque Monsueir in hand.

As with many things continental, bus timetables cannot be relied apon, and my maticulous timing in finishing my mid morning snack had not co-ordinated with the real arrival and departure times of the bus to St. Raphel.

Taking this as a glitch to add another few travel hours, I decided rather than hang around I might be able to catch the bus up in Martinez by getting a boat round the coast and rendezvous.

Found out there where different boats departing from the docks all the time, even more regularly than the buses. Made my way down there.

After Chinese whispers games with French nationals, followed my nose, stuck to my guns and managed to get a fare of 11e right the way to St. Raphel, much quicker and cheaper than the bus. Plus met lawyer girl who wanted to show me her apartment in Paris. Didn’t bother but this would have been the first time since leaving Barcelona that I’d met a ‘proper’ English speaker.

She tells me they used to do helicopter trips, but there was so many helicopters flying around ,it annoyed the locals and had to stop. Most of the bigger boats had their own helipads which you could see, moored outside the main St. Tropez waterway.

Didn’t see P Diddy or any other hanging out the back of any of these huge yachts.

Stopped in St. Rahpel for about 20 minutes, just long enough to get a ticket and get out of there to Nice.

This is the last port of call on my journey.

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