Stop off in Dahab

Stop off in Dahab

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KML 28.491, 34.516

On my way to Mount St. Katherine, Egypt, and possibly the world’s, oldest monastery.

Dahab I was expecting like Sharm, or an old town. Turned out to be an old town.

Here I stopped for some lunch, a haircut and to buy some CD’s for the journey.

Dahab was a pleasant town, less low-key than Sharm. The beach is pebble, so I doubt that it would have attracted the same level of interest as Sharm which has lengthily sandy beaches set against resort after resort.

Dahab is not like that.

I could find more in Dahab and faster, so it made a good stop over point and I got all the things done I wanted to do, here’s some shots of Dahab.

Cheeky cat eats Aroz

Stuffed fox smokes pipe

The restaurant I stopped in was called Mummy Funny, I had a Hallal Kebab, which, I guess is an Egyptian meal.
It was beef in spicy sauces with peppers (capsicum), potatoes fried in cumin, served with rice and salad.

Took me 5 minutes to eat it and it went down a treat.

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