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Gayton Marina

Gayton Marina

Due to adverse weather conditions, expected, I’m moving away from the Continuous Cruising this winter, onto the Marina.

It’s the first time for years… The last place I moored at was Barton-under-Needwood over three years ago, when I was fairly new to boating.

Barton Turns Marina

Barton turns marina
Barton turns marina

Was where I used to live.

I always got the impression that Burton was full of criminals.

The marina was alright. I went out a couple of times to the bar and had a few meals in the restaurants. I lived there for about three months from May until August maybe.

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Now in Pewsey, CRT mooring rules

Now in Pewsey, CRT mooring rules

Pewsey visitors moorings
Pewsey visitors moorings

Having not written a blog for a while; my status has changed slightly. I’ve moved down the road, from Devizes to somewhere called Pewsey.

It’s a small town on the Avon.

CRT rules state you have to move neighbourhood every two weeks, unless you have ‘permanent moorings’.

Currently, this applies to me.

Canal and River Trust mooring rules

The Canal and River Trust are pretty fuzzy about the meanings and measurements involved.

There is an article here about what a ‘neighbourhood’ represents for the CaRT.

The rules are pretty clear. You have to keep moving.

The advantage of it being Winter: All visitor moorings are 14 days, (unless otherwise stated).

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