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Weedon Bec -> Dodford

Weedon Bec -> Dodford

Or thereabouts.

In the fields really.

Very nice and placid.

It’s nice being able to draw the curtains and not have gongoozlers look onto your boat all the while.

I have some nice orchids growing outside my window. It’s close enough the I can see the insects moving up and down the stems. Closer to nature, I guess they say!

A45 Weedon Bypass

Has been completed. Last November to be exact.

Flowers of conciliation are now growing across the earthworks.

Weedon Bypass A45
Flowers grow on the Weedon Bypass A45

It was definitely noisier last year when their were less plants to absorb the sound and vibrations.

Can hardly hear it now.

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Phone broke [Nether Hayford]

Phone broke [Nether Hayford]

My Wileyfox, that all UK mobile-phone brand, had a problem with the tethering – my access to the outside world, which ceased working last week.

I sent it back, and am writing this using my old Samsung Galaxy Prime.

It can’t take pictures, it can’t do video’s. For this reason, I’ve not been bothered to do the blog for a good few days now.

Nether Hayford
Nether Hayford

Nether Hayford

Currently located here, in Nether Hayford. Perhaps a five/ten minute walk from the village centre.

Before, I stayed down near the bridge.

The train noises really f*ck me off.

I stayed in the knowledge this was the case.

Luckily with a boat, you can move house any time you want.

I can’t hear the trains at all now.

I like it here. That’s nice.

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