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Missed plane

Missed plane

Had a little lunch with one of my pupils.

Things must have got drawn out, and I ended up missing my flight to Hong Kong.

As even more of a bummer, my boss transferred enough money for the trip. Went to the China Bank atm. Pulled my card out, having been over 1 month since I used it, plus the fact I only used it once, plus the fact that it’s a 6 digit code. I’ve entirely forgotten my PIN!

SO that money is useless. It’s going to remain unspent.

This has landed me in some financial difficulties. Not a new thing. I won’t have much money, just enough to eat and stay in. Standard life in Hong Kong for me.

New Flight

The new flight cost me about £160. Visa cost £110. I’ve got £40 in cash and £100 in my account from the UK.

Pudong on the Metro

Pudong is a long way out. For those hoping to take the metro out there, it’s 16 stops from Peoples Square.

Turns out I’m going to have to transfer money from the UK and be skint again in Hong Kong. I guess you get used to it.

Trip to Shanghai

Trip to Shanghai

So. Have the Saturday off. Am going to Shanghai, have a look around, buy a watch and meet a friend.

Here’s some photo’s and dialogue for the trip

At the station

South station – Kunshan

Luckily a five to ten minute and easy to find there and back.
Took this picture of one of the many rivers in Kunshan running in adjacent to the railway station which used to be use for all the trains to Shanghai but now is only used for the local.

Old Station Kunshan
South station – Kunshan


Once you come outside the station, there’s this rather attractive courtyard.





Came down the steps and took some more pictures of this little quote. It’s obviously something someone has brainstormed, then used to have a new, outward looking modern spacious and plentiful existence. You can see the Chinglish type quote. I think they’re clever in aiming to confuse everyone with this one. “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get”.

Government issue
Government issue


Maybe the Chinese will read this, and reach deep in their pockets. I know it’s worked in the past.

Maybe there’s chocolate in there…

Plodded on down the road. Station was past the Catholic church, the two almost face each other. Oppose each other.

Kunshan CRE
Kunshan CRE
CRE Kunshan
Kunshan CRE
CRE Kunshan
Kunshan CRE


Flowers look colourful there. Managed to get the Canon to perform some functions. Missing Photoshop. Am using windows Live.

The one on the right has been taken using the factory ‘vivid’. I’m thinking it’s a good effect.
Not that it can be done to the one in the middle or on the right. Photoshop is the best for these effects. But currently, I don’t have it.

Train Journey

The train journey itself cost £2.40 or 24 rmb. It’s  60km and about 20 mins. No stops.

People's square - Shanghai
People’s square

Got off and made my way to Peoples Square.

Unfortunately, due to excessive drinking the night before, y planning on this trip has been minimal. I know nothing about Shanghai.

I plan that this Peoples Square is close to the river, according to the tube map. I will walk down there, and take in a few sights on the way, then hang around the bund…

Shanghai Bund

People's square - Shanghai
People’s square – Shanghai

The 1st thing you notice when you get out of the station is the way they have the railings on the side of the street.
The Chinese are notorious Jaywalkers.
No doubt in the past they have wandered under the path of the colonialists cars, and this has caused them to erect some rather large fences.

I walked down from peoples square toward the bund. After 5 minutes walking I felt like putting a sign on my forehead saying – “I no want LADY MASSAGE”.

Managed to get past all the thousands of people selling me useless junk, shopping trips and lady massages, to reach the banks of the river which was fairly spectacular.

Some people have a theory that China looks better by night.

This shot its testament to that theory.

The Bund - Shanghai
The Bund – Shanghai

Shanghai has the largest underground in the world.

Meet my friend by the pyramid memorial, and we are swiftly shooed away by security on account of her bringing her pushbike up onto the promenade of the bund. Apparently, this is strictly forbidden.

So we walk down to somewhere called K-bar. She’s a teacher also. She works at WEbEnglish. We have a few beers in there and move onto the French Concession where we visit a place called the Shanghai Brewery which I believe is quiet famous.

We meet a few of her friends where we discuss where they got their eyebrows done amongst other things.

After a few more, more expensive beers at the Shanghai Brewery, we move on down to their ‘local’.
Immediately striking me as a shady bar, complete with pool-table and Foosball. It’s like one of the bars in the French Connection, film. Shady.

Beer is cheap though. And we get to fiddle with the jukebox which must have the largest collection of ripped cd’s I’ve ever seen.

Move on to the Pastis with one of the American guys I’m with. Kind of rounds the night of nicely.

Go back to Laura’s and sleep there.

Up for presentation at shopping center in Kunshan in the morning.

Oh the wonders of life.