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Missed plane

Missed plane

Had a little lunch with one of my pupils.

Things must have got drawn out, and I ended up missing my flight to Hong Kong.

As even more of a bummer, my boss transferred enough money for the trip. Went to the China Bank atm. Pulled my card out, having been over 1 month since I used it, plus the fact I only used it once, plus the fact that it’s a 6 digit code. I’ve entirely forgotten my PIN!

SO that money is useless. It’s going to remain unspent.

This has landed me in some financial difficulties. Not a new thing. I won’t have much money, just enough to eat and stay in. Standard life in Hong Kong for me.

New Flight

The new flight cost me about £160. Visa cost £110. I’ve got £40 in cash and £100 in my account from the UK.

Pudong on the Metro

Pudong is a long way out. For those hoping to take the metro out there, it’s 16 stops from Peoples Square.

Turns out I’m going to have to transfer money from the UK and be skint again in Hong Kong. I guess you get used to it.

z-visa checklist

z-visa checklist

These are the things you need to get your Z-visa. In this case, I’m visiting the protectorate, Hong Kong.

  • Passport: – At least 3 spare pages.
  • Experts certificate.
  • Invitation letter: – Obtained from your employer.
  • Medical examination: – Get this IN CHINA. One from anywhere else isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.
  • Completed v2011A – Fill in your forms!
  • Completed v2011B

Without all of these, plus your fee, you won’t be getting a work permit, or residents permit.

I usually use the Sunrise agency, and I have this time.