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I am now in Talca.

The reviews for Talca are not as good as those for Curico, but to me it seems like a better place to stay, for the following reasons:

There is more and better accommodation.
There is more to do.

I like the place.

Tur-bus Hotels
Have been staying in the Tur-Bus hotel despite my nasty earlier experience with the Tur-Bussers (everyone deserves a second chance).

Luxury such as cable TV, breakfast, an en-suite bathroom and being located next to the bus station in preparation for tomorrows departure to Pucon.

Billed (in traveller speak) as the San Pedro of the south, complete with a semi-glaciated active volcano which you hike up the side then slide down the frozen glacier.
Also, rafting, kayaking etc.

An activity paradise no less.

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