Telematics box

Telematics box

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So, I’ve got this new Telematics Box. Because I’ve been out of the country so long, the insurers don’t want to deal with me. The best way of bringing my premium down was to agree to the installation of one of these ‘Telematics boxes’.


Telematics basically referrers to the transfer of information using Telemetry, similar to mobile phone technology. You can’t expect the unit to transmit in a tunnel, high on a mountain, or anywhere else where you can’t receive a mobile signal.

But otherwise, the box records movements and uploads them live to the insurer, this will include details of your speed and location.
Insurers claim they use it to monitor your braking habits and how you accelerate, but it’s also used to track your speed in restricted zones, whether you drive late at night and any other combination of factors which may relate to postcodes you visit or regularly park in.

The claim most drivers qualify for a discount after 3 months.

Here’s the official blurb from Bell Insurance:-

If you’re sensible you’ll save

Basically if you set off from every set of traffic lights with your foot to the floor, if you swerve erratically around cyclists and if emergency braking is the only kind you know, then chances are you’re not driving safely.

We appreciate that sometimes these moves are unavoidable, however repeated or excessive speeding or harsh manoeuvres will affect your driving score.

Top tips by email

Regular emails during the first three months of your policy will give you advice on how to improve your driving score.

Your driving is compared to our other Bell Plug and Drive customers, so people just like you.

Here’s the official Bell video for telematics.

Installing the telematics box

There is a small indicator on the box giving an indication of the signal, Red, Green and Amber, for the various levels of signal it is giving.

I’ve made a video showing the unit.

telematics install

It’s early days.

Bell sent me a message this morning, congratulating me on my first journey.

Bottom 5%

Expect more of these emails detailing your driving habits and how you perform compared with other drivers.

If you appear in the bottom 5%, the company send you a message telling you to pull your socks up.


We’ll see how it all goes, and I’ll update on the difference it makes to the cost of the policy in the long term.


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