The Great Library

The Great Library

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Originally named the Mouseion founded by Ptolemy I Soter based on a model by Aristotle the great philosopher of Greece.

The original library was destroyed in 47 BC, this current version was built in 2003.

Egyptian Intelligence

There is a state visit going on and the place is surrounded with security.

Great Library

The walls depict writings of every known language.

Great Library
Inside the Library

Inside the structure is made up of cascading levels each providing a mezzanine on the one below.
It is vast and impressive.

There are a number of exhibitions throughout the library and a steady stream of tours ploughing through, as well as students and photographers.

New Book

Publications – There are a number of official publications from Organisations such as WIPO, the WTO the World Bank, UNICEF, UNESCO and others. Some of them are up to date [pictured].


The Great Library at Alexandria provides a striking contrast with the malaise of the Alexandria. Once inside, you can’t help thinking you might be in a different country, London or Europe.

In terms of libraries, this stands out as one of memory due to it’s sheer size.

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