Ushuaia first Impressions

Ushuaia first Impressions

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Are fantastic.

Massive snowcapped mountains tower over.

There are more mountains here, it’s awe insipring, no doubt about it.

Ushuaia Town
“There is no other place in nature that causes more savage or terrifying sights than this…”
– James Cook (International Explorer) 1768

It doesn’t say that in the Lonely Planet guide.

But things you should know:

Ushusaia is cold
Ushusaia is the southernmost city in the world
Ushusaia is full of eskimos
I’ve been there

That’s enough information to satisfy your curiousity for now..

Here’s some pictures.


Beer and a dead crab.

4 thoughts on “Ushuaia first Impressions

  1. Dear Mr Tyler,
    I am writing this comment to advise you that it is with interest and genuine fascination that I read your bloggery.
    Eagerly anticipanting your next installent.


  2. So far South! Sounds the most enjoyed thus far. No pix though ??

    Many basic listing requests here in the middle of England. Lots to do on your return. How about us establishing a good quality blog on a-sh’r ?

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