Village Puello – One eye

Village Puello – One eye

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After much man like pointing and shuffling of stones, it seems the wall has reached a state of finishedness and I am consulted as to the state of play.
Spotting one of the stones a unstable I make an adjustment bringing the whole thing down again.

Laughter erupts from the female contingent by the shop, who, for them, this is probably one of the biggest events Puello has seen.
Apart from the chicks by the shop, it seems the villagers have been generally unimpressed by my performance and dissipate in disgust.

I finish my beer gently leaning by the wall (new section) taking the fresh mountain air.

Indian 1 and a new skinny spritely looking dude approach and begin to talk to me again slower this time.
Using the reference section of my guide-book, I apologise to Indian 1 about the wall , this appeases him a little and we join together in pointing out familiar words from the reference section.

Lasting for about 5 minutes, this bonding session concludes Indian 1 & 2 and I shake hands.

It seems the party it over.

It is starting to rain.

A guy with one eye appears.
It seems he wants me to come to his hut to hear him play the flute.

This is an offer I can’t refuse.

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