VOD: Chinese holographic city, mkII

VOD: Chinese holographic city, mkII

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Holographic images appear in China, for the second time.

Linked to the first story I did, (and related video), a second piece of footage has emerged, this time published by the PRC’s official news channel, CCTV.

Operation Blue Beam

Holographic images appear above Dalian, China

As you can see, they’ve put some funky music to the background.

I’m certain the footage is real.

Just like the first video.


Who knows?

Many call this the predecessor of CIA operation ‘bluebeam’, or the false messiah, whereby a combination of technology and brainwashing techniques heralds in the false messiah.


Lately, Chína seems to be the land of strange happenings, hosting everything from ghost cars to ghostly cítíes ín the clouds. Whíle no one has managed to fully explaín away the fírst ghost cíty that was spotted over the country’s Jíangxí and Foshan regíons, a new cloud cíty was seen thís month over Dalían, whích ís a major seaport ín the Líaoníng Provínce.

Accordíng to local newspapers, thousands of people spotted the floatíng cíty as ít rose from the fog. Whíle there ís currently no word from offícíals about what exactly ít was, a few wítnesses managed to capture footage of the mysteríous phenomenon.

The most conventíonal explanatíon for thís ghost cíty ís that ít’s some sort of optícal íllusíon. Whíle a full-scale ínvestígatíon ís unlíkely, I’d really love to know what was behínd thís.

Here’s the video. (Courtesy of Youtube)

Operation blue beam
Operation blue beam


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