Weddings and Birthdays

Weddings and Birthdays

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Dad’s 80th

To celebrate, we took him to one of the best restaurants in Shrewsbury, The Walrus. Which gets, ‘best in city’ accolade from restaurant guru.

I’d tend to agree with that.

We had a ‘taster menu’, which is smaller selections of the items from the A la Carte menu. You don’t get one full main course, but lots of little main courses, lots of little starters and lots of little puddings.

Was fine dining to be sure.

Dad's 80th
Dad’s 80th

Jenny’s Wedding

My step-sister Jenny had her wedding and got married for a second time to her fiancé, John.

Located at the historical backdrop of Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, it was something out of the ordinary.

Everyone had a good time. Waiters didn’t serve enough water, and the toilets didn’t have toilet roll, but we can overlook that because it’s a castle eh?

Still the full breakfast was good.

Here’s some pictures.

Full english Breakfast
Full English Breakfast – Sausage, eggs, bacon, beans, tomato, mushrooms, hash-browns
Peckforton Castle - Dining Room
Peckforton Castle – Dining Room
James Bond style
James Bond style
Cutting the cake - Peckforton Castle
Jenny & John – Cutting the cake – Peckforton Castle
Kerri, Mike and Craig
Kerri, Mike and Craig – Peckforton Castle

Queens Jubilee

After the wedding, which they’d planned to have on the holiday Thursday created for the queens jubilee celebrations, (and saved a load of money on the venue), I had the rest of the weekend to spare, so took a visit to old Uni Friend Rob.

We spent the weekend eating and drinking around the establishments of Drayton.

Triumph GT6 MK3
Rob and his Triumph GT6 MKIII

Here’s some more pictures

From around Oxfordshire.

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  1. Love the photos. Glad you sorted out the overstay business, well done. It must be so lovely being on the water in this weather and the Oxford is so rural. See you very soon. xx

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