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Windows Live Writer

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Are Americans Clever??

Well I wondered this one as I sat in the Blogworld convention in Vegas not more than 6-7 months ago.

“Are Americans Clever?” cos in a way there’s a lot of churn over there and most of the people doing the churning don’t know they’re churning.

WIndows Live Writer
This little piece of software can be testament because if you’re a travel blogger, many will be the times when you’ll find yourself with all the material to do a blog but a bad connections.

This software, I am hoping, (if Americans are clever), will take away the sins of the non-broadband world and deliver us from bad uplinks, 6-10 minute image uploads and all the other nightmare scenario’s you can expect when blogging on the road.

Compose: then post as your connection allows.

Download it here: windows live composer

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