New Gadget – Pentax Optio W30

New Gadget – Pentax Optio W30

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You’ll be pleased to hear, with forthcoming bloggage we’ll be using this little gadget to capture those things that walk above the earth, and those which slither upon it.

I’ve stuck with the optio series, partly because the optio s was the first ‘true’ compact capable of quality pictures, sound & video recording. Also, I’m familiar with all the features.
At the time, 2003, I hated the idea of carry around a camera. I now own a Canon 350D, so things have moved on in that respect.

My first Optio S lasted for about 1 year, whilst on the road in Rio a little sand became wedged in the lens mech and jammed for which I had to go to Costa Rica to get repaired.
On reaching the Repair shop in San José, I was sold the S5i to continue my travels, this lasted up through the States. Got some nice shots of the mesa verde caves down round Colorado/Nevada area,
carried on through NY got a nice shot of this American flag which everyone seemed to be looking @.

Anyway, whilst in Kosovo/Serbia the S5i went missing somewhere.
That was last year.

New Camera
You might think that owning an SLR would be enough.


Take Videos
Take Pictures underwater

So I bought this Optio W30, water resistant up to 3 meters.

It’s got many features 7mega pixel, looks OK and will fit in my pocket.
I got this Cybershot pouch to protect it from random pieces of sand or anything that might damage the lens.

You got 2 in the case and they’re reversible+washable.

My two cameras

One thought on “New Gadget – Pentax Optio W30

  1. Impressive! You’re right in saying that there are limitatioms to SLR’s – I certainly wouldn’t like to try mine underwater. Since you’re carrying 2 cameras, why not make it three, and get a lightweight camcorder too? They really do bring an extra dimension – and it’s possible to make videos incorporating both much-liked good stills and good movies. I recommend ULead’s VideoStudio (not Adobe Premier).

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