666 the number of the beast.

666 the number of the beast.

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as iron maiden used to sing.
My fave was the ace of spades ‘gamblin’s for fools, but that’s the way i like it honey..’

Without a spade in sight or an ace. Here’s 6 stories from 6 authors in 6 weeks. It’s called ‘we tell stories’.

It uses a map to illustrate how a story progresses, the narrative being provided by 6 successful UK authors.

* Charles Cumming
* Toby Litt
* Kevin Brooks
* Nicci French
* Matt Mason
* Mohsin Hamid

Each week you can tune in and read a little. The stories are quite long, longer than a coffee break, so if social networking is getting you down, this may be the ideal distraction.

Visit the site here and click through each story until the devil arrives to reprimand your computer and sack you for wasting office time.

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