Winter floods

Winter floods

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Still in Kidlington, getting my teeth treated. Slowly.

Thames Walk


Since my last post, there has been a lot of floods.

These have affected the Cherwell and the Thames. These are two rivers which sandwich me in my current position.

Although they are navigable now, a lot of the last month, they’ve been flooded pretty badly.

Life otherwise goes on.

Made a short video of the weir at Osney Locks on the Thames.

You can see the levels have gone up a bit.

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This is after it went down a little.

Most of that section of Oxford was closed off. It wouldn’t have been possible to make that 3 days before. Even when I went there, there was signs of flooding on the roads, some of which were still closed off.

It’s all gone now. The fields are still wet, but it’s not raining any more.

Spent Christmas at sister Kerri’s

Here’s some photos from the last 4 weeks.


It’s a slow process.

The next step is getting a 3D x-ray.

This will look in the bone structure beneath the gum, from there, they can see what needs to be done.

That’s next week. Takes around 15 minutes and costs about £80. I have to go to a separate clinic, as my dentist doesn’t have a 3D x-ray machine.

Once he’s got the scans, he can report back to me.


Did an interview with a youth in Shipston on Stour a couple of weeks ago.

Her mum worked for the NHS who were the people commissioning the research and she gave me this tray of eggs.

They are double yolked!

Double yolked eggs
Double yolked eggs
Double yolked eggs
Double yolked eggs

They taste like eggs used to taste 25 years ago.

Proper eggy stuff! It may take me a while to get through them all!

One thought on “Winter floods

  1. That weir sounds ominous and scary. Good you found a dentist to treat you. The eggs look quite delicious. It’s so good the rain has mostly stopped for a while the fields will take a while to dry out. Good yo have a comfy mooring x

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