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Day: March 1, 2019

Tiffield Pocket Park

Tiffield Pocket Park

Seeing as the weather was so unseasonably warm, I decided to spend a little of my time investigating this local feature.

Tiffield Pocket Park

Was set up by a local philanthropist who wanted to provide a space for nature, etc.

John Mawby bought the land from the railroad when in became derelict in the 1960’s for the purpose of providing a place for nature to flourish etc etc.

Here’s a picture of the sign for the park where I joined the trail.

As you can see, it illustrates the flora and fauna, birds and animals to titillate the whims of potential visitors.

Unfortunately, I can’t attest to seeing any of these, especially not on the stretch toward Banbury and Tiffield.

All I saw was a badger set and a couple of jays, which I didn’t even see I heard.

Venturing in the northerly direction, I can attest there was a lot more nature, whether that was because the weather was better on the day that I visited I can’t say.

But heading North, there were pigeons, squirrels, blackbirds, and some more rare variety of bird I wasn’t familiar with, as well as the usual tree creepers, wrens, some horses in the fields.

Toward the canal, there is undoubtedly more.

Tiffield Pocket Park
Tiffield Pocket Park

Initially, I took the path toward Northampton in the north. Down toward the canal. The railway runs in a NW direction from Banbury in the South.

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