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Day: March 17, 2019

Day 9: Cycle ride to 20,000 lakes

Day 9: Cycle ride to 20,000 lakes

After writing for half the day, only read had the back-end of the afternoon in which to do stuff.

It really wasn’t worth hiring a motorcycle for that long so I decided to get a more humble mountain bike @ 350rps (£2.20).

20,000 lakes

20,000 lakes is a reservation area close to the Chitwan National Park.

It’s more wetland, as you can imagine.

Our guide on Friday told us that you can take a bike in, no problem.

It’s not possible to go on foot, because, like Chitwan, it’s a little bit dangerous.

When I got to the gate I discovered that my bike got in for free, but I had to pay, so had to cycle all the way back to the ATM.

By the time I actually got into the park area, it was 4.30pm.

Here’s a picture of my ride

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