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Day: November 1, 2021

Alperton – Close to Wembley, London

Alperton – Close to Wembley, London

Here I am in London. Alperton.

It’s more countrified that Oxfordshire, at least in terms of noise. A lot quieter…

Apart from the mania cyclists, it’s difficult to know you’re in London!

It took me until Tuesday last week to get down here.

Tube trouble

When I took the first tube into London, Tottenham court road, it told me it was costing £13.90 return! Which I believed.

Last time I lived in London, it was £4 to zone 1-4, (central to suburbs). £13.90 came as a bit of a shock!

Due to this, my first day after going in to study, I looked into moving the boat.

But before doing this, I registered my Oyster card on the internet.

Turns out the card pre-charges you on journeys! Either that, or the machine was telling me completely the wrong fares!

One or the other, this is my journey history to and from.

As you can see, it’s no-where near £14.

Following on from that, I saw no reason to move the boat.

I like it here in…

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