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Day: November 18, 2021

Penton Hook to Henley-on-Thames

Penton Hook to Henley-on-Thames

The full 7hrs and 38 minutes of it.

Got some more pictures in….

First from the Queen’s house – Frogmore Cottage.


Harry used to hole up here, a while back when he first got married to Meghan. It’s an estate house with a golf course behind Windsor castle.

The highland cattle peer out over the Thames from the raised concrete embankment.

It’s terraced avenue of oak trees lean out over the Thames, reflecting in the waters and dropping their leaves.

Rather a posh spot.

There’s lots of signs telling you not to moor up, it’s the Queen’s estate or whatever.

Full day

Apart from a 20 minute stop for lunch, and another 20 minutes having to manually operate the locks at Belvale, it’s been a full day of sailing.

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