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Day: November 17, 2021

Brentford to Penton Hook

Brentford to Penton Hook

11.50 or so when I exited the lock at Brentford and began my journey back to my car and Oxfordshire.

The picture on the front is Richmond bridge.

If you remember, last time I came through, it was down.

Get to the point

I’m not doing any relaxing on this journey.

For that reason, there’ll be no morning update to the blog, just one in the evening.


In the morning, I intend to get going at nautical twilight 06:05:45. Failing that Civil Twilight 06:46:47…

Whichever is possible to navigate under.

Dawn is 07:22:10. Seems to late for my purposes.

Sunset is 16:09:15.

Today I finished at 17:26.

5hrs and 50 minutes today – 20 miles. Tomorrow I intend to do roughly double that.

No photos today.

Out the gate

Out the gate

And away!

Into the wilds….


Brentford Lock

I’ve been at Brentford since Sunday.

I was expecting the odd boat to turn up, but so far none, and it’s now Wednesday morning.

Good job I booked my OWN passage this time.

I would have been sat here for a while… moored up on the Brent.

Here’s a picture of one of my neighbours.

Boat being worked on in Brentford
Boat in Brentford

In the mean-time

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.

Visited Kew Gardens yesterday.

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