Blisworth Marina

Blisworth Marina

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Whilst the others are holidaying in France, I’ve parked the boat outside Blisworth Marina to try and finish the paintwork off.

You can see her nestling under the bridge over the A43.

It’s pretty close to Gayton, where the junction leads up to Northampton, where I originally planned taking the boat.

Wifi signal is quite strong and there’s the slight noise of traffic from the A43.

It’s a lot less windy here than outside, and I should get some painting done during the course of the day.

I’ve also got this interview thing at Amazon flex, so I might be working for them in my spare time also.

3 thoughts on “Blisworth Marina

  1. Well done, again, but a bit of a pain about the wind!
    Have today contacted the graphics man and ordered the name & pictures sheets. That also will need to be done in conditions of considerable stability of course.

    One envelope awaits action – from Stockport but no other information on it.
    It was AWFULLY hot in France, getting up to around 40 degrees plus on at least two days.

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