Boat update

Boat update

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So I know we have some interested visitors in the progress of the boat, Bonnie Lady.

Since I got here on Friday, under the A43, I’ve been painting and arranging the boat by sanding and cleaning.

It’s taken a while to get to this stage. But I’ve managed to get a coat off on one side and also do the other, but to disappointing results.

Port Side

The wind got up yesterday and blew all bits all over the fresh paint.

Also, I found there where big differences in the drying time, and when I came to ‘lay off’ , the paint dried prematurely.

For the sake of continuity, after scraping the bugs and grit off with emery paper, I’ve decided to do it again.

Starboard side

Done now. Looks as good as I can get it under these conditions.

There was virtually no wind when I painted this one.

I was pretty happy with the finish.

Unlike the Port side, where there were many things that looked bad, on this side, most of it looked good.

Whilton Marina

Dropped into Whilton Marina this afternoon, and made this video to show my purchases.

As it says in the video, I’ve had quotes to do the job, but nothing serious considering it’s a 10-20 minute welding job.

Hope this puts those interested parties more in the picture.

It’s coming along, but it’s slow going.

3 thoughts on “Boat update

  1. Mike

    Just flicking through Facebook and come across this website …. great to here you are continuing to do things your way !!!!

    Not sure how good your memory is but it’s Mark here (Wilky, used to have an old green VW beetle) used to knock about with your Kerry with Ian Massey, Neil and co

    Won’t bore you with my life story. It now living in wakefield, married, one son etc etc … if your ever in the area give me a shout as would be great to catch up


    1. Hey Mark,
      Not seen you for a long time. Kerri’s getting married soon, if you shoot me your address, I can see if she’ll send you an invite if you’re interested.

  2. Painting is brill…..if it was me I would pay the £84 on Sept 11th…..job done….no hassle….will happily contribute. See you soon

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