Bonny Journey – Day 3 – Gnosall to Audlem

Bonny Journey – Day 3 – Gnosall to Audlem

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Made it though and to the other side of the 15 locks by the close of the day.

Cooked myself a stir-fry, and have settled down for the night to write the blog.

Navigation Inn, GnosallGnosall, Navigation Inn

I started out from the Navigation Inn in Gnosall, where I filled the water-tank. As luck would have it, it was directly outside my front door.

Got this done, and most of my chores by about 7.20am.

Only then, did the guy behind me decide it would be a good time to leave also.

Just right at the same time, only when he could see I was preparing to leave…

They were tootling in front of me, having made a point of starting out before me. No-one else was even up. They pulled in and let me pass.

This was a good feeling, contrast to the bad feeling I would have given them sitting on their back fender for the next 20 miles.

Totally pointless.

Things settled down after that.

All in all, it was a very quite, enjoyable day of solid sailing.

Day – 3 map

As usual, here’s a map of the journey I’ve taken today, including a few photo’s from choice spots. Also, the distance covered and the number of locks.

Day 3 – Video

Video digest for the day.

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