Bonny Journey – Day 5 – Church Minshull to Marston

Bonny Journey – Day 5 – Church Minshull to Marston

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Not a long journey, through Middlewich, and Northwich heading toward the Anderton Lift over the river Weaver.

I anticipate mooring near this is going to be a bit of a problem, so I’ve made it a more relaxed day, intending to tackle the lift and start on the Bridgewater canal in the morning.


Not having visited before, I was pretty pleased how pretty it was on a sunny day.

I had to drop in to Lidl to get some yoghurt, (for breakfast), and some beer, (for sustainance) an cycled, which was nice.

Pretty pleasant place.

Here’s a picture of the high street.


From Middlewich, it’s not far to Northwich and about 8 miles to Preston Brook, the furthest point on the Trent and Mersey and where the Canal And River Trust becomes the

Bridgewater Canal

This is a separate network to the canal and river trust (CRT). And from what I can make out, they’re pretty keen to make money out of you.

I lifted this from their website “The recent changes to the CRT/Bridgewater reciprocal agreement were made as a result of the problems that the Bridgewater Canal enforcement team have encountered over the past 18 months. The overstaying and abuse of the Canal by some boaters is far more widespread than initially envisaged with over 70 statutory enforcement notices served and 7 craft removed from the Canal for failure to comply and therefore we have had to act to protect the Canal.”

“The change we have brought in means that any return within 28 days from the date of leaving whether leaving after 3 days or 5 days or up to 7 days then a permit will now be required. A 7-day permit is available which applies to Bridgewater craft on CRT waters and CRT craft on Bridgewater Canal or a return permit to transit through for a reduced fee of £20 (3-days) is also available and can be purchased on the Bridgewater Canal website or by telephone or from an enforcement officer.”

Which basically means, if you want to return within a month, even if you’re just passing through, you’re going to have to pay £20.

I’ll hit the Bridgewater tommorow after passing thought the Anderton Lift.

Anderton Lift

Derelict for many years, the lift is a counterweighted contraption that transports boat hydraulically over the river Weaver down from the Trent and Mersey canal.


Bad reception here and a boat sunk in the canal. Otherwise very pretty.

Moored on pins.

Day 5 – Map

Here’s the map from last night.

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  1. How exciting…..the Anderton Lift…..lucky fellow…..look forward to hearing about it…you can post in Pink Pig if you want to. Glad your having good ish weather. Enjoy the Bridgewater tomorrow.

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