Bourne End upwards

Bourne End upwards

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Stopped at Bourne End last night after my long journey.

Google Maps sent me to Bourne End – Bucks. after I added a ‘stop’.

8 miles away, and it sent me all the way back down to Bourne End – Bucks., rather than Bourne End – Herts.

Adding stops to Google then being taken in the wrong direction

Google is notorious for doing this.

Last night was an example where it made up a new destination after I’d added a stop, (I wanted to go to coop).

That new destination added 1 1/2 hours and 40 miles to my travel time.

Back in Bourne End

Eventually, I arrived back. 10pm.

Just managed to cook up some cous-cous before falling asleep.

Today’s photo’s

Broughton Bridge
Broughton Bridge
Snapping Turtle – Canal Terrapin otherwise

There were many other photos, but I was a bit slow getting my camera out of my pocket.

1 mph.

Impressive stuff…..

One thought on “Bourne End upwards

  1. Hey there…’re making good way and through the lovely Hertfordshire countryside. The weather is set fair now until Thursday….Wednesday is supposed to be very hot…enjoy the cruise x

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