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World of Warcraft char, Fatweh

World of Warcraft char, Fatweh

Here’s a picture of my ‘main’ World of Warcraft char, Fatweh.

Now support a Facebook app updating the status of your chosen chars.

Tried it this morning and it didn’t work.

This does work. It’s a flash ani of my main an Allaince Warlock called Fatweh.

Flash and XML

This is done using XML.
Flash allows you to complete the loop providing specified data on the fly updated directly from the XML feed based on my character. So, for example if the image relating to my cloak changed, the XML Namespace containing the image data and dependancies for that particular piece of kit would be changed dynamically through Flash. All done throught the XML publishing platform.


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Improving World Of Warcraft Disconnect (WOW DC) problems

Improving World Of Warcraft Disconnect (WOW DC) problems

Fatweh in Dalaran

For many people Disconnect is a major problem in Warcraft. DC interrupts at random, and often crucial moments of play.
‘Oh I DC’ed’ being is a common, lame, excuse for players who die in inexcusable circumstances.

Don’t be a lamer!
Up until 2008 I used Norton Antivirus. A product I had used since my first computer in 1997. A ten year stint which came to an abrupt end following the 2008 suite.

To reduce in-game DC in Warcraft
I suggest removing your Norton product and replacing it with a comprehensive, industry respected firewall product. This will reduce your levels of DC by ensuring your ports are accessed by services only sanctioned by yourself.

Unwanted Access
Here’s a list of the programs that instantly jumped to access my connection when I installed the latest version of Warcraft WoTLK (10/12/2008).


I used the IP addresses supplied by the software to reverse trace the following companies:-

-Netherlands Amsterdam Versatel Nederland B.v
-Slovenia Ljubljana T-2 Access Network
-NTLI Network Management Centre
-Sweden Kungsbacka Telia Network Services
-eircom Group plc
-United Kingdom London Bt-central-plus
-Denmark Roskilde Cybercity A/s Xdsl Users
-Denmark Kolding Tdc Bredbaand Professional Users

These are large national telecommunications companies, contributing an additional 8 connections through MY broadband wire.
Placing that additional strain on my games’ connection won’t be contributing to play in a positive way, and it’s not something I’ve asked for..

I rarely suffer from DC
I’m glad my software blocked these access attempts.

I rarely suffer from DC and would point you in the direction of Zone Alarm, the best gaming firewall at an affordable price.


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Steal peoples Credit Card details with scanners available on Ebay

Steal peoples Credit Card details with scanners available on Ebay


This is almost like going back to the days of hairspray on phone-cards, video-tape on cash cards or all those other small-time low risk scams of yesteryear.

Your life in their hands
Bearing in mind credit-card fraud in the UK is not a criminal offence, you won’t even get a sentence for this one.

The video explains all.

I know RFID is a good thing. I can’t help thinking this is a bit dodgy to me.

New suit?
The video recommends getting a stainless steel wallet, to go with your tin-foil hat, if you’re really worried.

RFID Future
There was another interesting video about baron S de Rothchild talking about getting us all chipped and muted, but you’d have to search on u-tube for that one.

I guess it all ties in with the masterplan.

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remove line break characters

remove line break characters

preg_replace to get rid of those pesky line break characters.

Particularly for Google Maps bubble’s which take an aversion to non-ASCII chars so as to stop a map rendering altogether.

Non-ACSII characters
This piece of code should be applied when generating a Google Map using any quantity of user generated material.

function removelinebreaks($string)
return preg_replace(‘/[\r\n\t]/e’, ‘ ‘, $string);

Also make sure you trim your bubbles, and if you’re particularly nervous check the htmlentities and CDATA[ declarations also.

Makes for happier bubbles 🙂

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RFID – Being aware

RFID – Being aware

I know evil doesn’t exist, except for in people(like me)’s imagination, but here’s a real excuse to believe everyone has good intentions.

It’s called RFID or Radio Frequency ID.
First employed during the second world war in allied bombing campaigns, the industry has seen some growth and is now worth $2 billion.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.

RFID opens all sorts of opportunities for companies to monitor our movements real time.
For example, you may not be aware of it, but if you are the owner of a bottle of Viagra, Pfizer may be monitoring you right now.
Think I’m joking.
I’m not.

They’re not the only ones, American Express have new card issues fitted with RFID chip. Procter and Gamble have filed patents and NCR are amongst other big names looking to muscle in on the act.

What’s it all about?

RFID Monitor using a semi-ductile, lightweight tag with a low cost.
When fitted to a product they relay information back to a receiver.
You may have seen them on new items of clothing or taped to new CD’s.

Any product fitted with RFID within range of a receiver would provide information; a geo-fix and product beacon. Leading to data on; when those products were bought, how long you’ve owned them, how much they cost, where you bought them from.
If you kept them on your person, when you returned to refresh your product. Where else you went in between.

Some RFID have more important information.
The AMEX RFID contains personal banking information on the card holder.

The worrying thing is, RFID information is gathered without regulation.
Information can be sold on without regulation.
No Data Protection act here.

FMCG Future
With reduction of tag implementation below 1p in the near future, support from heavyweight FMCG companies, Banking and technology institutions, multiple patents filed and industry screaming out for large quantities of qualitative marketing information.
The future looks set.

Expect these snazzy labels to be appearing near you soon, whether you believe it or not.

Copied and pasted from: BBC News Website.

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