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60 days on rainwater and fish

60 days on rainwater and fish

Man survives for 60 days on rainwater and raw fish.
His boat was named – “Angel”. Taken from

Louis Jordan outside hospital

A sailor who spent two months lost at sea has been rescued after apparently surviving on raw fish and rainwater.

Louis Jordan, 37, was found by a passing German tanker 200 miles off the North Carolina coast on Thursday.

His 35-foot sailboat had overturned and Mr Jordan was sitting on the hull, from where he was hoisted to safety.

His family reported him missing at the end of January, and when his father spoke to him after the rescue, he said: “I thought I lost you.”

Louis Jordan arrives at hospital

In an audio clip of the phone call, Mr Jordan apologises for not being able to sail home.

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False widow – Steatoda

False widow – Steatoda

As they are known.

These are dinky little creatures. Fluffy and cute, like a spider, eats it’s husband (all good women do this) not only this, but has some markings similar to the highly venomous Black Widow spider.

Now I am a resident of the UK for a short while, and I picked this one up in the garden.

False Widow Spider
False Widow Spider

I’m not usually dispossessed to picking up strange spiders, but I could see the markings on it’s back and wanted a closer look.

Mostly harmless, but a slight record as a bit of a minature bad-boy, as UK spiders go.

Mine seemed AWFULLY FRIENDLY, (I’m sure that’s because I’m just fresh back in the UK), liked my arm very much!