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Connect/’sign in’ to ‘open network’ wifi on Windows 10

Connect/’sign in’ to ‘open network’ wifi on Windows 10

How to connect to wifi networks on Windows 10

Sometimes, you may be wishing to connect to what is known as an ‘open network’, that is a network that everyone is free to access.

The problem arises when open an network requires authentication.

How to sign in to an open network that requires authentication on Windows 10

When you first log-on, or sign in to and ‘open network’, you’ll be presented with their log in requirements.

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The biggest hacks of 2016 – A year in hacking

The biggest hacks of 2016 – A year in hacking

In case you didn’t know, in amongst the celebrity deaths, and the unraveling of the NWO bandwagon, 2016 was also a bumper year for hackers. Some of the biggest and most audacious hacks in history took place in 2016, including the hacking of the US elections, and the Mirai botnet DDOS attack, which took down some of the biggest sites on the internet including Amazon, Facebook and Twitter.

There have been the largest hacks of personal information in history. Also in 2016. Names such as Yahoo, with billions of accounts compromised.

So here’s my little run-down.

2016 – A year in hacking.

Adultfriendfinder hack

5) Adultfriendfinder hack – November 14th, 2016

Friend Finder Network Inc is a company that operates a wide range of 18+ services and was hacked in November of 2016 for over 400 million accounts representing 20 years of customer data.

A list of sites verified and how many affected accounts and a brief description:

    339,774,493 users
    “World’s largest sex & swinger community”
    62,668,630 users
    “Where adults meet models for sex chat live through webcams”
    7,176,877 users
    Adult magazine akin to Playboy
    1,423,192 users
    Another 18+ webcam site
    1,135,731 users
    “Free Live Sex Cams”
  • Unknown domain
    35,372 users

Total: 412,214,295 affected users

Most of the passwords hacked from the Friendfinder network were stored either as plain text, or lightly encrypted, (in the SHA1 protocol).

Once the accounts were modified and the encrypted passwords hacked, they were made available for sale on the Darkweb.

Here’s a list of the passwords most commonly used:-

Rank Password Frequency
1 123456 900,420
2 12345 635,995
3 123456789 585,150
4 12345678 145,867
5 1234567890 133,414
6 1234567 112,956
7 password 101,046
8 qwerty 86,050
9 qwertyuiop 43,755
10 987654321 40,627
11 123123 39,614
12 111111 38,848
13 pussy 37,938
14 fuckme 36,008
15 asdfghjkl 35,021
16 000000 34,631
17 fuckyou 34,498
18 abc123 34,080
19 00000 33,796
20 11111 33,263
21 55555 31,524
22 54321 31,278
23 123452 30,111
24 654321 29,624
25 pwd1234 28,061
26 zxcvbnm 27,237
27 iloveyou 24,155
28 qwert 22,499
29 666666 21,629
30 asdfg 20,696
31 0123456789 20,485
32 azerty 19,700
33 0987654321 19,641
34 france 19,559
35 abcd1234 19,056
36 password1 18,677
37 fffff 18,461
38 112233 18,152
39 696969 18,150
40 123321 17,703
41 121212 17,302
42 asdfgh 16,400
43 football 16,080
44 12345678910 16,054
45 abcde 15,789
46 qwerty123 15,286
47 1qaz2wsx 14,885
48 123123123 14,691
49 pakistan 14,173
50 aaaaa 13,543

Source: Leaked source.

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Telematics box

Telematics box

So, I’ve got this new Telematics Box. Because I’ve been out of the country so long, the insurers don’t want to deal with me. The best way of bringing my premium down was to agree to the installation of one of these ‘Telematics boxes’.


Telematics basically referrers to the transfer of information using Telemetry, similar to mobile phone technology. You can’t expect the unit to transmit in a tunnel, high on a mountain, or anywhere else where you can’t receive a mobile signal.

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ZTE MF730M Dongle

ZTE MF730M Dongle

Internet Dongle for Narrowboat users

Getting slightly bored of only being able to use the internet in one room, I’ve invested in this THREE dongle.

It basically allows me to connect anywhere, at least anywhere where there is THREE network.

Currently, it allows me to connect at 3G speeds, which are fairly good, THREE have the best 3G network in the UK. I did some research on the subject, and it seems that they invested heavily in it. Whilst EE rushed out the 4G.

EE 4g Claims

Although EE claim to offer 4G here, I purchased a SIM to try out these claims.

Turns out their service was patchy at best, nothing like what their website claimed, (full coverage at 4G speeds), as pictured.

ee coverage
This is what it says for DE13 8DZ….

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VOD: Russian USB Killer

VOD: Russian USB Killer

Got a friend that you don’t like?

Buy them this for Christmas…

The USB Killer

Simply plug it in to any USB device, and hey presto! 220volts of Russian goodness will be making it’s way to your hard-drive, like bad sperm to an egg…

USB Killer
Killer USB

The device was created by a security researcher by the name of ‘Dark Purple’.

You can find more details of it here.

Free Windows 10

Free Windows 10


Never look a gift horse in teh mouth, or in this case, do.

Turns out that this latest version of Windows is not only free, but gives free access to ‘relevant authorities’ who may wish to access your data, view how you use your files, or view what files you have;

Microsoft released a statement to this effect: –

“Microsoft may share information when required by law or to respond to legal process or lawful requests, including from law enforcement or other government agencies.”

You have been warned….

It comes out tomorrow. Wednesday the 29th.

It’s free to upgrade for users of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

Your system: Windows 10 has requirements –

Processor: 1GHz

RAM: 1GB for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit

Storage: 16GB for 32-bit or 20GB for 64-bit

Graphics support: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver

Display: 800 x 600 resolution

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