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Year of the Pig – Again

Year of the Pig – Again

Had to watch the BBC2 daily politics program today whilst doing my wii-fit jogging, which happened to be talking about the Leveson enquiry and all the money it had spent.

pigThe platitudes issued in the spirit of non-achievement and self enrichment in this report is something that the British seem to have excelled themselves at, and really, rolls out to society as a whole.

So, congrats to everyone, this a very good time to be a pig.

May we roll things out for ever and ever until they lead nowhere.


Alan Johnston

Alan Johnston

After the pictures of with the explosives, I saw Alan Johnston being blow to pieces as a monumental chitty to the lawlessness of the west bank.

A would-be coup surely for those seeking to negatively leverage the current precarious situation in the west bank.

Cake & eat it
It’s obvious Johnston had a groundswell of support over there, like the democratically elected Hamas government, he was popular with the people.

Israel and the west are going to have to wait for another excuse to de-stabilize the region further.

BBC Announces launch of iPlayer

BBC Announces launch of iPlayer

BBC Logo

Following the ITV recent announcement to bring broadband download on films, BBC has announced it’s venture into Broadband TV.

Players will be able to download the latest or watch live: files in a format specific to the iPlayer lasting 30 days on the users computer.

The Beeb are making steps to present the whole back catalogue in the future.

The service is to be Free to British license payers.

Vivé le entrepreneur

Vivé le entrepreneur

Just a quick comment on last nights.

Having a bad experience early on in life has left Simon flaky and apologetic, I’m surprised he managed to win.

In’t City
In ‘City’ terms, Christina was the winning candidate: the confident one.

Successful business people are often like that, difficult to judge, it’s how they find their niche, budge ahead of the flock.
When you’re at the bottom people don’t often see it like that. More like you’re being awkward.

In 30 years we’ll all be chipped.

Vivé le entrepreneur.