Day 15 – Helmsdale

Day 15 – Helmsdale

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Due to a booking falling apart in Lybster, I’ve arrived in Helmsdale one day early which has meant a day of rest.


Helmsdale has a fairly interesting story. It was set up by Thomas Telford and his industrialist compatriots as a fishing fleet base.

More or less the whole village was planned and build, on spec according to the need of the herring industry in the 19th century.

Despite that, it’s a fairly pretty place.


I stop at two places for food La Mirage and Bannockburn Inn. Because of it’s busyness, I assumed the food would be good in Mckkays.

It was bland and boring with big portions.

Bannockburn, I had steak with peppercorn sauce which you had to pay £1.75 for. Then I had a coconut bomb, which was also very nice and an Irish coffee which kept me awake the whole night.

Here’s some photo’s

Helmsdale harbour.

Helmsdale Harbour
Helmsdale Harbour

Helmsdale Church.


War memorial


Thomas Telford’s bridge in Helmsdale.


One thought on “Day 15 – Helmsdale

  1. Is the journey back all down hill 🙂 glad you didn’t have a head wind..looks as f the weather is being brilliant for your cycling trip. Have you seen any heather? Helmsdale sounds like a lovely village…enjoy your rest day. An ‘Indian’ summer has arrived so looks as if you will have rather a pleasant cycle back to Preston 🙂
    Love the photos
    Cycle safely xx

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